Tom Brown Vs Thom Browne

I’m sadly quite excited…

My laziest and scruffiest friend, Tom Brown, has finally seen the light and asked me to help him with a re-style. When you see a picture you will realise how necessary this is!

The reason for my excitement is that firstly, it’s much needed, and secondly, there is a great American fashion designer (with the same name) who specialises in smart clothes, so why not try and put the two together, and see if I can influence my Tom’s style a bit?! Whyyy not.

So, this is Tom in his every day wear…


Scruffy TB in MacDonald's. Classy!

Much needed I hope you will agree?

Here’s another ’cause it makes me laugh:

Oh Thomas!

Oh Thomas!

Ok, enough of the cruelty. More about the ‘real’ Thom Browne. For those unfamiliar with him, he is an American menswear fashion designer, head of his own self titled company based in New York. He won GQ Designer of the Year in November, last year.

The clothing line was created as a ‘response to the broad acceptance of casual wear for work instead of typical formal wear’.  Signature looks include cropped suit trousers, ties and overcoats made in matching classic wool fabrics, and non-ironed button down shirt

The 'real' Thom Browne, wearing Thom Browne. Confused yet?

The 'real' Thom Browne, wearing Thom Browne. Confused yet?

Here's another as every one was so offended by his 'one size too small' capri trousers!

Here's another as every one was so offended by his 'one size too small' Capri trousers!

As you can see, the pair are about as opposite as they come, but for how much longer?! Keep checking to see how the makeover goes!


13 Responses

  1. TB is one of the worst dressed people I know, and this makeover is exactly what he needs. Perhaps a wash and a shave as well xxx

  2. Cheers Nicola for telling the world i am a dirty tramp. U owe me BARE.

    I am very proud of the way i look, but a makeover could be a laugh so i am up for it, although i do not really trust u cutting my hair.

    And as you quoted the other day “all the girls will love you”. The fact is, they do already. So cheers, and goodnight.

  3. I think that the real Tom Brown looks alright as he is to be honest. Although he definitely needs to shave more often as the ‘fluff’ he currently produces is embarrassing.

    He would also gain more female attention if he binned his infamous trackies and cap.

    BUT, on a night out at the LRV when he makes an effort, Brown is often seen with his smoke burdened tongue down a defenseless first years throat, so i guess that proves that his ‘iPorn’ t-shirt really does work (although I have heard that it is actually Cammi’s!).

    I personally feel that he looks much better than this Thom Browne character who seems to be wearing trousers suitable for 7 year olds.

  4. Thom Browne does look like a bit of a tard to be fair.
    Make sure you give TB some fitting trousers during this ‘make over’

  5. Mmm…thom browne is a silver fox! x

  6. Yes the only top he wears to the LRV is mine. If you look carefully there is a massive hole in the arm pit area, this is why i traded it with him for a soul cal t shirt.

    I constantly try to guide him on what to do with his mullet, but he reply’s with ‘i am the best looking person on leek road’

    Therefore you Mr. Brown have now been proved wrong, by being singled out to change your shabby imagine that so many frankly deluded girls have fallen in love with.

    Also will a nose job be part of the make over?

  7. My sentiments exactly Jenna. Nicola,you know I LOVE a man in a suit-if you could make over everyone is, say the Stoke-on-Trent postal area that would be a great help. Thanks!

  8. I’ll cut Tom’s hair!! I’m a dab hand with the scissors!!

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  10. Those too-short trousers look ridiculous…
    I prefer the iporn top myself.

  11. once my makeover is complete, so many girls across the country are gunna be distraught that the “old tom brown” now has a new look. i may attract a new-breed of girls, who knows?

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